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From 24 to 30 November 2018 at the Conference Center in Yaounde, Political Capital of Cameroon.


Positioning archives as a lever for Africa's development


Professionals from the archives of Africa and the world, international organizations, government institutions, investors, service providers, NGOs and associations, etc.

ICA Yaoundé 2018 The place to be ...24-30 nov. 2018


Cameroon is proud and honoured to host here in Yaoundé, the first ever annual Conference of International Council on Archives (ICA) to be held in Africa. This is a golden opportunity for our country to show proof of its legendary hospitality.

There is no gainsaying that the choice of Cameroon ....


On behalf of the International Council on Archives it is my great pleasure to welcome you to Yaoundé, Cameroon for the 2018 Annual Conference of the International Council on Archives.

Each year, from around the world the ICA Conference attracts ...



Holding the 2018 edition of the ICA Annual Conference in Cameroon is an excellent way of evaluating mid-term progress with the 2016 -2020 Strategy for Africa of the International Council on Archives and of adapting the priority lines of thrust for achieving the objectives set. Cameroon is also the ideal place for raising the profile of the ICA’s actions on the continent. The potential advantages for the ICA include:

►The personal involvement of the President of the Republic, Head of State of Cameroon and his aura in Africa will be a vital factor in ensuring the participation of the 54 countries of the continent

►The possibility of attracting larger numbers of African members to the ICA

►The revival of the inactive branches of the ICA

►An ideal forum for ICA advocacy for the development of Archives in Africa

►An opportunity to evaluate the ICA’s 2016-2020 Strategy for Africa in the presence of almost all stakeholders and beneficiaries.

  • International Council of Archives.

    The ICA believes that effective archiving is an essential prerequisite for good governance, respect for the law, administrative transparency, the preservation of the collective memory of humanity and the access of citizens to information . The International Council on Archives (ICA) therefore aims at the effective management of archives and the preservation, processing and use of the world's archival heritage; as such, he represents the professionals of the archives of the whole world.
  • Host country of the ICA Yaounde Conference 2018

    Cameroon, in long form the Republic of Cameroon, is a country in Central Africa, located between Nigeria to the west, Chad to the north, the Central African Republic to the east, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and the Republic. from Congo to the south and the Gulf of Guinea to the southwest. Cameroon is now an ex-officio member of the International Organization of La Francophonie and the Commonwealth. Cameroon is nicknamed "Africa in miniature" because of its climatological, geographical, human and cultural diversity.

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The Conference Center is the ideal venue for the ICA conference. Indeed, the originality of its architecture, the green areas surrounding it and its privileged location make it an ideal place for the organization of large-scale national and international events. The Center is modular and has air-conditioned rooms with 25 to 2,000 seats, exhibition halls, large parking spaces and esplanades.

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