On behalf of the International  Council on Archives it is my great  pleasure to welcome you to Yaoundé,  Cameroon for  the 2018 Annual Conference of the International Council on Archives. Each year, from around the world the ICA Conference attracts professionals from archives, records management and elated industries to come together to exchange knowledge, ideas and international best practice. It is also the premier event on the professional calendar to  strengthen networks and gather the ‘professional intelligence’ that enables each of us in the field to stay at the very forefront of developments from around the globe.

The venue for the 2018 event, in Cameroon, is important for ICA, and demonstrates our commitment to providing our colleagues from African nations every opportunity to develop the archives and records management profession across Africa. The conference will be a forum to share technical knowledge, but will also serve to promote the importance of archives and records management across the  region  as  an  essential requirement for good governance and effective public administration.

For our sponsors and partners, the conference represents  a once a year opportunity  to link with the most senior and influential members of the international  community, from  Government and  non-Government institutions. It will be the venue to showcase new products and services, and forge new partnerships that will advance the profession and lead to exciting new services that benefit government and public alike.

I  encourage you to  realise  the exciting prospects that this conference will offer, and I look forward to your participation in this significant international event.


President of ICA