Cameroon is proud and honoured to host here in Yaoundé,the first ever annual Conference of International Councilon Archives (ICA) to be held in Africa. This is a golden opportunity for our country to

show proof of its legendary hospitality.

There is no gainsaying that the choice of Cameroon to host this event is tributaryto the diplomacyof presenceand participationadvocatedby President PaulBIYAand developed byour country.This is especially reflected inourmembership toboth InternationalOrganizationof the Francophonieand the Commonwealth,as well as the Organization of the Islamic Conference. Cameroon’s openness to the world reinforces her bilingualism and multiculturalism, and allows her to engage with a large number of countries in Africa and around the world,just as it affirms her unwavering commitment to pan-African solidarity.

It remains clear that the holding of the ICA Conference onthe Camerooniansoil isinline with the very high interest of the Presidentof the Republic in the development of the Archives function in our various administrations and organizations.Undoubtedly,the emergence of Africa will depend on the capacity of our continent not only to better manage information but also to give a key priority to memory and heritage issues.

Under the theme “Archives : Governance, Memory and Heritage”, the Yaoundé Conference, whose importance is self-evidentfor Africa, internally falls in line with the initiatives and public policies that the Government of Cameroondeploys so as to put in place an efficient national archives management system.

Cameroonis therefore delighted that in this year 2018 the entire world archival communityis in Yaoundé, which, throughoutthe organizationand holding of this Conference, will be the world capital of archives.

The Government of the Republic of Cameroon fosters the active participation in this event of all actors in the public and private sectors, international organizations, non-governmental organizations,as well as regional and local authorities.

This is an opportunityto wish our guests a warm welcome to Cameroon, a haven of peace,dialogue and a land of opportunity.


The Prime Minister, Head of Government

Philemon YANG